No man is an island 

  • I got to bond with Ms. Joy because (as promised) I shared movies and series with her, as well as to Ms. Irene and Ms. Rhea. 
  • I realized that once I got motivated and focused, no matter what the topic is, I can surely do and finish it. This refers to the breaking off industries for input-output tables. Such a tedious task but it’s kinda boring. 
  • I had dinner with Neens at Salang resto again and we went to Jamba Juice right after, just like what happened last Monday. So much lels.

Random Firsts

  • Started reading Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine, and I think I’m going to finish it tonight. Actually started it at the line for MRT, 4 trains passed before I got in. Whew. 
  • It was my first time to eat lunch alone at the ADB caf first floor, usually I’m at the 2nd floor when I eat alone. There’s an event there, so that’s why. 
  • I chatted with Ms. Joy about Asian dramas while I asked for the Brunei SUT 2005. So much lels.

Nina 😛✌️


Wake Up Call

For some reason/s I have yet to discover, I thought of starting a daily journal through this wordpress account. Maybe because I noticed that I have such an app on my phone but I’m rarely using it, or maybe I just want to practice writing coherent thoughts on a daily basis, and so on. I have yet to think a solid reason lol. 

Anyhoo, this was a so so day for me at work because I already finished the required tasks. There were 2 seminars I’m interested to listen to today, the IMF presentation on the World Economic Outlook and the seminar on Global and Domestic Value Chains in Asia (brown bag). I just passed by the IMF seminar because there were a lot of people and just thought of studying the readings my boss gave me. It was 10:30am and the brown bag one is at 12:30 noon so I thought of working for a few hours first before “goofing (intellectually) from work” through seminars. 

The brown bag was quite interesting. It was fun listening to a talk with all concepts familiar to you. “Yeah, I did that, ohh I know how to measure that etc.” It was 100% relevant to what I’m doing. The data I’ve been producing were used in the analysis through decompositions and my most favorite part is the inclusion of the job  growth effects. 

Then it hit me. I think this seminar was sort of a wake-up call to appreciate and be passionate about work since I found the trade sector as something just required of me to do because it’s my job. Doing something macro makes me feel that I’m not contributing something to society. Producing input-output tables is not exactly socially relevant. But with that seminar, having job growth included made me think,  “may silbi naman tong ginagawa ko.”

I want to learn and love the trade sector the same way I learned and loved Political Science (my undergrad degree). I didn’t like it at first but became passionate with it especially because of the quantitative pol. analysis subject where I learned to use R programming and the political economy subject which made me take up masters in economics. I can say that trade and I is on the getting-to-know-each-other phase and I hope that the time we invest on each other is/will be worthwhile. 

Also, I also want to remember that on this day, Aika and I went again for merienda in the caf for the first time in a long time. To be honest, I didn’t know why we stopped eating and going there lol. She ordered egg salad sandwich and mine was chicken salad sandwich. 

Another thing to remember and ponder on: I stumbled upon Aika as I was going home, she came from yoga and I began to think of joining her again. I always think of joining her but I am lazy and I want to jog/run than stay in a stationary place. Lels. But I guess I just need to start doing it so I can make it a habit. I badly need exercise, for your info. Hahaha. 

Wow, this is long.  Ang daldal ko. Hahaha kbye! 

Nina 😛✌️


I am poor now

Today was the first time in a long time that I rode a bus to office because I want to be tipid for we have a recent financial crisis. This would largely affect my ate but being part of the family means I have to do something about it. That’s why I should be thrifty from now on.

As soon as I got into my desk, I found out that my cardigan was torn on the left shoulder side and I have no idea how the hell it happened. The whole day I was trying to keep to the world that torn side even though the weather was freaking hot, lels. Thank God it rained in the afternoon.

This day should be a busy day for our team because we have a lot of deadlines to meet but there’s brown bag which lasted a little over 2 hours and it sucked the shit/energy/ideas out of me. With this, there’s nothing i can do (write) in my draft…another lels.

So during the brown bag, I was sitting beside my boss, Kuya Val and we were talking about someone “controversial” in the office, at least because of her FB posts. We were just laughing half of the time since we were also listening but it seemed that the study being presented was still verifying their results and it’s qualitative. And I’m not that easily convinced if there are no numbers in the study.

In the afternoon, I told Gem about our family crisis and I was glad that she listened and sympathized with me. Because I was busy telling her the story in Family Mart, I forgot to pay for the Kleenex I bought but we were already walking away from the store. You would think that I shoplifted but hey, we went back and I paid for it. It’s just funny that the guard didn’t notice, maybe because it seems that I brought the tissue in the beginning.

After office hours, Jill and I hanged out at our fave place, CBTL where I also shared about my recent crisis and she was understanding enough to grasp my story. We also talked about our life plans, ambitions, dreams and goals (which I think are synonymous with each other) lels.

At the end of the day, I realized that I’ve excessively spent money today (ordered Chinese chicken salad and caramel latte in CBTL) that defeated my new principle in life because I’m poor now…lels.




It was really a long day for me.  I got a phone call yesterday and was asked to get an exam at Thomson Reuters at McKinley Hill, Taguig City. At first, I wasn’t expecting that the phone call would be something regarding a job because every now and then, random numbers keep calling me to buy condos.  I didn’t know what got into me to answer that call. Anyway, this day’s the day.

The test is composed of three parts, it’s a progressive exam which means when you pass the first part, that’s the time you proceed to the next one. If you fail, then it’s goodbye for you. Luckily, I passed and was really shocked to find out that after a short break (for lunch), it’ll be interview. I’m not really ready. I was expecting that this thing will just caused me half a day. However, I still did the interview and I got off at 3pm. Gah. Overall, I think my performance was okay. I’m not sure if it was really my best but I certainly say that I am just myself. And I think it’s something really good.

By the way, I gained a friend. Her name is Phyllis. She’s kind and silent. Actually, I always have this sort of feeling or I can see through a person, like an aura or something like that if he or she can be my friend or not. Believe it or not, as I stepped into the room where applicants gather together, I had this strange feeling/aura towards Phyllis. I knew she would be my friend. She is now. She graduated from UST and we have the same course. She’s 20. I hope I can have a lasting friendship with her. She’s actually pretty. She has big popping eyes or should I say she’s doe-eyed. Hey. This is actually a compliment.

Honestly, working is not kinda my thing now. But I think it’s just that my mind is still on vacation. I haven’t really watched movies. I’ve been watching the series called Suits. It’s about lawyers and their stuff.  You should watch it. Patrick J. Adams is SO handsome. I’m gonna die. Joke. But, he’s really handsome. And the way he speaks, I melt. And his body, just enough, not really skinny but not too muscular (I can’t think of a right word). Overall, I guess he’s lean. Just perfect.  I just followed him on Twitter. Yay.

I’m also reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower. And because of it, I become to think and agree that in a family, extended to be precise, everyone loves each other but no one really likes each other. Why? Blood is thicker than water? Admit or not, I know you don’t really like family reunions but you end up loving each other just because you are “family.” This is just weird.

Another thing from Perks, it makes me think if these two things can be done simultaneously:

To be close to your children or Make sure they have a better life than you do.

Personally, I think when you have provided a better life to your children. The children will realize how lucky they are and how you love them so much that you just wanted them to live to the fullest. But I’m sure there will be conflicts halfway through this process. There’s the time when the children don’t understand why you have to work hard, they think that if you’re just there for them, that’s enough. They don’t think of the bigger consequences or effects of you, working hard, and it’s also for them.

Try reading Perks.

It gave me the idea on how to write my entry starting today. But, definitely, I want to be original so instead of “Dear friend,” I used “Heyya!”

Rarely here (LOL),





I feel so tired today. I have so many things to do, read books/journals, make a report on Vietnam, write a literature review, probably write a feature article, do household chores, soul searching, etc.

But, the bottom line is, while doing everything, there will always be the time when I want to just stop and stare at reality. In an easier sense, it’s just being lazy. I think. Or some think. Or is it just me? Yeah. Whatever.

I have just done my report on Vietnam, technically my part. It’s a group effort for your information. But, I haven’t started reading Chronicle of Death Foretold and A Sorrowful Woman for my Lit class. Having read the title, I think my prof is right, it seems that she made us read depressing stories. And I do love sad endings, hate happy ones, too overrated. And it’s not achievable. I think. Right? *laughs*

I haven’t started writing my literature review yet but I promised to start this weekend. PROMISED. I don’t wanna break promises especially with myself just like breaking my savings. Yeah, I’m broke, as in 0 balance. ZERO!  No money because of shopping and eating. Yeah, I just bought a dress from my friend, and it’s not yet fully paid. So embarrassing. But yeah, she’s my friend and I’ll absolutely pay her.

By the way, to change topic, I bought a new notebook, it’s “create your own cover design” but, ironically, it already has cover. Anyway, I bought it because my notebooks are so big, the Mead ones, the ones used in US with “College Ruled” posted in front. Yeah, absolutely meant for college but not for me. *winks*

At the moment, I realized that blogging makes me relieved. It actually makes me sort of “rest” from what I should be doing. It simply makes me happy. And I have just realized it today.  However, I’ll get back to work after posting this.

Expect more from me.

Bye bye!