Freedom. Festival. Friend.

January 29, 2016|Friday|Freedom

It was a remarkable day for me because it was my first time traveling alone and out of the country-Singapore. I was really excited but at the same time nervous. The main agenda is to visit my dear (idol/crush) friend, Gem, attend Laneway Festival together, and explore SG for roughly 3 days.

So I arrived at around 10:30PM which was really late for Gem to pick me up or what because aside from her class, NUS is faraway from the airport, and so is her crib. Walking towards Immigration, I asked the officer until what time the train will be open and he said 11:30PM so I walked and walked, found the moneychanger for Ate Bevs’ USD cos she asked me to buy her ehd. Then after few minutes of roaming around, I decided to ask the information counter for the specific sky train I should ride. Good thing, the one I talked to was a good English speaker. At last, I found myself at Lavender station where the Green Kiwi Hostel can be found.

But, yeah I got lost, I can’t find the hostel. Then I met an old lady, she was kind enough to help me but also cool to smoke a cigarette while talking to me. However, she doesn’t know the landmarks I told her to get to the hostel so we went to guards who just pointed directions at me but still really vague. Luckily, I met a lady who I think is Pinay but just to be safe, I spoke English and asked for her help then while we were talking, she suddenly blurted out, “Pinay ka teh?” I was like, “oo ate, yehey!” Then she accompanied me to the hostel at 12:30am, so kind. Thank you so much Ate Elisa!

So when I got in the hostel, the receptionist was also Pinay. Yay, it feels just like home, somewhat.

January 30, 2016|Saturday|Laneway Festival

So Gem and I decided to meet first at Esplanade station to eat lunch then head to The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay for Laneway. We ate lunch at Tomo Izakaya, Japanese resto obviously. Yup, that’s Gem.


While on our way to The Meadow where we just walked, yeah we WALKED and we’re exhausted because Gem was not really a tourist guide, she’s also like me. She became a nerd na kasi. Jk. After school, she goes home to study that’s why she haven’t explored SG that much.


Nearing the venue, we stopped by for some picture-taking, yeah turista mode on!


The festival was sweaty and tiring but super fun. But Gem and I wished that it’s not just the two of us. IMG_7490IMG_7492IMG_7494IMG_7496IMG_7505IMG_7528IMG_7530

One of my fave parts, tatts c/o H&M plus the Laneway wristband!


For some reason, I don’t know why I can’t upload my videos here so I uploaded it on my Facebook. So you’ll see fan photos of the concert, so don’t expect them to be sharp. Lol.


The 1975: Matty was such a great singer live, plus he’s super hot and handsome! But his hair was really curly that day.


The night view of the festival! I think these were Beach House and Grimes.


This stuffed monkey was enjoying Laneway as well. HAHAHA!


Chvrches: As usual Lauren and Martin flawlessly sang live. They performed songs from these two albums, The Bones of What You Believe and Every Open Eye alternately. Always and forever fan of this band <3


Purity Ring: New-found fave band! She sounds just like Lauren, listen to Bodyache or Heartsigh. You’re welcome!

January 31, 2016| Sunday| Friend

This day was saved to explore Singapore with Gem but I ended up waking up at around past 10am, so we ended up just shopping at Bugis, eating chicken rice at Clementi, and shopping pasalubong, basically I just shopped and we ate.

Thank you so much, Gem! I will definitely be back because the trains are too awesome. HAHAHA.


Welcome back self

So here I am, mocking my self again that this will be the start of posting an entry regularly or should I say just often? I wanted to compel myself to write down my feelings as often as I could as sort of a practice. I’m still writing down some short poems from time to time especially during days that I haven’t figured out to what to do in work but more of I just feel lazy to work. Hahaha. In this way, I can get back to my creative side because I know that drawing and painting has been gone since I was 11, but I’m still fond of them. I wish I could go back but I know that writing is what I like to do now.

These past months have been tiring because of fieldwork, we were conducting a survey nationwide for an impact evaluation on health facilities. We visit hospitals and rural health units or health centers and I think I’m already positive with TB. Yeah, not kidding but my sister (who’s currently in med school) told me that all people in NCR are positive in the sense that we are already exposed to it ’cause it’s airborne but it’s not yet activated so guys, we better be careful. Anyhow, this is not about TB and I guarantee you, if you’re worried, it has cure.

In short, I’ve been busy and now I can accommodate to blog again, write, draw/paint(?) and also to read  books again. God, it’s been a long time since I last finish a book, 4 months I guess. I feel so bobo na. Chz.

That’s all for now but here’s a trailer of Empty Threat by Chvrches (my favorite band) to push you to have the same hair as mine and the first girl you will see in the vid. Enjoy!




Chvrches Manila: Recover(ed) from this Night Sky\

I know this is late but I believe that my Chvrches experience should be documented. This is the first concert I attended to in my lifetime and I am so glad that it was Chvrches, my favorite band since 2012. November 26, 2014 @ Samsung Hall, SM Aura, one of the unforgettable days of my life.

Few days before the concert, Vybe Mnl announced that there will be a meet and greet, so I was really stoked when I heard it from Jill that weekend. I posted the mandatory photo with a caption, “Then I will never let you get away, never let you get away.” Of course from one of their newest song, Get Away. But, I think the caption was not that witty for Vybe Mnl, I guess since I didn’t win. Hahaha. Luckily, Jill won because of her brilliant caption on how she met Chvrches when they were still a front act in one of Passion Pit’s concerts. Cool. But the cooler thing is, the winners got plus ones for the meet and greet and behold you, dear reader, Jill picked me to be her plus one!

First things first, what’s our outfit for the concert?

IMG_1306 IMG_1311

 So, we left the office at around 2pm, since the meet and greet is at 4pm. But before that, we had yoghvrt! Haha.


 While waiting for the meet and greet, we stayed at CBTL outdoors, and took some selfies. Lels.

IMG_1317 IMG_1319

The wait took like forever but we gained some friends, the girl who was regrammed by Chvrches because of her nail polish and her boyfriend (Check IG!)  plus, Jill’s friend from Ateneo and his friend. While waiting in the line, I wrote a haiku and also took some stalker shots since people couldn’t take photos because there’s an official photographer:

IMG_1320 IMG_1322

 HERE IT IS! THE PICTURE FROM THE MEET AND GREET (I gave them the haiku I wrote and Lauren was touched, she said, “Awww, thank you.” Hihihi. Fan girl moment! Aaaaaahhh):


After the meet and greet, we just grabbed some drinks from CBTL,. Yeah, we didn’t eat dinner because we want to secure a good spot. Here are some photos of Jill while waiting, haha. That’s how bored we were. Jill also grabbed a glass of beer while we were inside the waiting area just before the Samsung Hall. We also bought some merch shirts which was dun dun dun duuun, 1000 pesos each! For the love of Chvrches! Lels.

IMG_1326 IMG_1327


As the bouncers opened the door for the hall, Jill immediately grabbed my hand and we ran inside, the line was totally forgotten. It was like we’re running for our lives. Indeed, we got a really good spot, so near. We were in the 2nd row, but we couldn’t take a picture of them three in one frame! #firstworldproblems HAHAHA



the duo who sang Rather Be

2nd front act

2nd front act

Autotelics (?) Misteryoso!

Autotelics (?) Misteryoso!

And now, here comes, CHVRCHES!

The moment they went onstage, they sang We Sink, followed by Lies without talking to the audience. I was thinking whether Lauren is just shy or that’s just their style in concerts. However, after those 2 songs, they talked to us! Gaaaahhh. I was really happy that I got to see them perform live. Lauren Mayberry is such a good singer! Pitch perfect, flawless voice, I can’t even. Also, the audience were amazing because all of us sang along with Lauren and also Martin in every song. I think they really felt overwhelmed by the Filipino fans. I hope Chvrches will come back. This was really an unforgettable night. I love you, guys! Stay awesome! (sighs) Will I ever recover from this concert? Lels

















10Q Day 8 (September 2013)

Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2013?

I think I want to investigate more fully on how can I budget my own money now and investing them on right mediums. (idea)

For person, I think I want to concentrate and be an ultimate fan girl of Chvrches because not only their songs but also Lauren Mayberry is such an inspiration to me. (not visually, okay, hahaha)

For a cause, I want to investigate fully about indigenous people and how I can visit/help/empower them or NGOs advocating for their rights so I can know how to be part of them. I have a soft heart for indigenous people. I love them.