Uncontrollably Fond (To Watch) 

I first heard of the Korean drama, Uncontrollably Fond through my older sister. She was the one watching it first on her break time since she’s in med school. However, I ended up watching it til the end while she failed to finish it due to the mentioned circumstance a.k.a med school. Lels.


You need to watch Uncontrollably Fond too because:

  1. Kim Woobin and Suzy Bae are the lead stars of this drama, who are both visually beautiful and sexy. Woobin was famously known in The Heirs, 1/3 of the love triangle with Park Shinhye and Lee Minho. He was really good in The Heirs that I actually wanted Park Shinhye to end up with him than Lee Minho. As for Suzy, well she’s my bias hahaha.  She started as an idol member of Miss A and now an actress too. She’s really pretty and I like her style. As opposed to the reports, I think she really did well in this drama. Her acting was just balanced for her character whom I consider the unluckiest person ever.
  2. The plot is about two childhood sweethearts who become reunited through a documentary. Woobin’s role is a top star while Suzy’s the producer of that documentary. Yeah, I hear you, it doesn’t look like a melodrama right? But Suzy’s life was embraced by injustice while Woobin’s life was already planned out for him. (Find out why through watching! HAHA)
  3. It’s a melodrama and a bit depressing (duh). However, the sadder it gets, the more you want to watch it to support the characters. The romantic and cheesy scenes are deeply moving and a bit unexpected. These can make you binge watch without you noticing.
  4. Woobin’s hot body HAHAHA- it deserves a bullet. 
  5. Suzy’s younger brother in the story is really handsome and watch out for his cute romantic scenes. img_2851
  6. There’s a fluffy dog named Pororo!

7. Lim Ju-hwan (a.k.a the other guy) also exhibited here. I just knew him through this drama and I noticed that he’s goodlooking, more than Woobin actually but he has the “nice guy” stereotype not the cool one. 
8. OST!! Plus, Suzy and Woobin sang in there too. Ring My Bell by Suzy (OST) & Picture In My Head by Kim Woobin

Watch the teasers here: