Fealty to Words

  • I finally finished reading the book, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I think it has been a year or more since I’ve started it. Lels.
  • I realized this morning that I should review basic economics and the use of  data analysis softwares I used before such as R, E-Views, Stata. This is because I recently applied to other job opportunities and I think I need to refresh myself on what’s written on my CV. Hehe.  
  • I read My Family’s Slave today and got teary eyed. The piece was beautifully written but I felt sad on how the life of  a person be controlled by others until her last day in the world. What was her purpose? Was it just to be a slave? I think the redemption part is kinda too late. This made me value and think more carefully about the choices I make and will be making in life. 

Nina 😛✌️


Live To Tell The Tale by Passion Pit

God bless that smile on your face
God bless the seeds in the ground
God bless my family’s keen gaze,
Oh, I know
That whatever happens to you,
Whatever happens to me,
I hope that I’ll fall asleep
Knowing that you’ll always be
The story with no ending


First Day of February = </3

I have the courage to ask you, and yes I did.
I told you not lies but the truth.
I’m doing what you have expected from me.
I’m keeping my promise.
I’m trying so hard.
I’m not letting you down.
I consider your feelings.
I’m trying my best.
I still care for what you always say.
I’m just being honest.
I don’t know what’s so wrong.
I trust you.
I feel so bad/sad.
I feel so helpless.
I’m not what you think I am.

Can you just TRY to think what I really want? I would highly appreciate if you just CONSIDER trying.

I don’t know what to do anymore. This is too overrated. Not transitory. Too selfish.

They say the truth will set you free, but I think it sets me on fire.


Isip ko’y nalilito


Ano nga ba?

Paano masisilayan ang umaga

Kung hindi ka kasama

Hindi malaman ang gagawin

Hindi mapakali, gustong sambitin

Ngunit ako’y di mo pinapansin

At puso’y sadyang nabitin.


P.S. I’m gonna sleep. Just random tagalog poem. It sounds like a song though. :D




Same as a rose that blooms, afraid I felt,

Not knowing what awaits ahead of me.

Behold, my heart that’s weak and yet undealt,

It never thought to whom it wants to be.


Arrive you seeming, bragging like a king,

‘Cause not I know of love, you vaunt around,

But as the time soon passed, you changed this thing,

‘Til when can I defend to be unbound?


With urge, you rush without the fear to fail,

Yet I reject, for pride is what I grab.

You can’t pretend, your heart I could not bail,

Regret I had, as if my heart you stab.


So both we end, distressed with much of pains,

Though we believe that still our love remains.

*Type: Shakespearean Sonnet

*Metric line: iambic pentameter

*Rhyme scheme: ababcdcdefefgg