No man is an island 

  • I got to bond with Ms. Joy because (as promised) I shared movies and series with her, as well as to Ms. Irene and Ms. Rhea. 
  • I realized that once I got motivated and focused, no matter what the topic is, I can surely do and finish it. This refers to the breaking off industries for input-output tables. Such a tedious task but it’s kinda boring. 
  • I had dinner with Neens at Salang resto again and we went to Jamba Juice right after, just like what happened last Monday. So much lels.

Watch and Bond 

[Saturday, May 13, 2017]

  • I started watching Goblin, stopped at Episode 2. 
  • Gizmo and I visited Ate Alyssa at our old house. We watched 2 days 1 night and had Mcdo delivery. 

[Sunday, May 14, 2017]

  • Yari’s first day of CPA board exam! 
  • For Mother’s day, we gave Mommy and Tita Nene neck massagers. I hope it will be useful to them. 
  • Ate Alyssa and I went to Yari’s condo to meet the rest of the fam so we can eat together for Mother’s day. We ate at Shakey’s around 5pm since Yari will have exam tomorrow, 2nd day of boards. 
  • I watched 2 days and 1 night and Return of Superman to end the day. I love Korean variety shows, they give me good laughs. 

Nina 😛✌️


Food+Movie weekend 

[Friday, May 5, 2017]

  • I ate Korean food (first time in a long time) from the cafeteria, beef bulgogi and kimchi! 👌🇰🇷
  • Dinner w/ Gem and Aika at Makansutra plus bread/pastry shopping for pasalubong
  • I am glad that I survived a week of not using earphones while commuting. It’s kind of refreshing to just observe and reflect to whatever.

[Saturday, May 6, 2017]

  • I cleaned my room (first time in a long time too) but not thoroughly, hehe.
  • I watched Ashby, movie starring Nate Wolff and Emma Roberts and an old guy, who portrayed the role of Ashby. I expected a lot from the movie but it was generally nice and touching.
  • I also watched Werewolf Boy, starring Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki, while waiting for Ate Alyssa to come home from a bday dinner. I love how Bo Young never gets old, she has not changed at all. The movie was fantasy because Joong Ki was like a mutant, hence werewolf boy not like the werewolves in Twilight. Lol. I recommend you to watch it.

[Sunday, May 7, 2017]

  • We attended Mass at 9am, the usual, but Yari was not with us since she’s at her dorm in Manila, reviewing for boards. Fighting, Yars! 💪
  • I watched The First Time, a movie included in the list of undderrated rom-coms you should watch by Buzzfeed. It has the highest IMDB rating among the list that’s why I decided to watch it first. It’s cute and nice so I was rooting for a very good ending but it was so so. Nevertheless, it focuses on the dialogue/conversations, like Before Sunset series but millenial version. Lels.
  • We had dinner at Locavore, near Burgos Circle in celebration of Ate Belle’s birthday. Sizzling Sinigang and Lechon Oyster Sisig got a 10/10 each for me. 👌💯💯

Catch up and caught up 

  • I got to catch up with Sol via gchat, glad that she’s doing well in Australia. 
  • I ate lunch with Aika and Rhea today, excited to work with Rhea real soon for the GVC special chapter.
  • I saw Camae today at Park Square. 
  • I managed to rebook my flight, which was supposed to be tomorrow to June for Tina’s wedding with minimal costs. #proud lels
  • Jed will finally treat me Pound burger because of new career! 
  • Haim’s new song, Want You Back is really good, it’s like Don’t Save Me 2017 version. 👌👌👌
  • Hard Times > Told You So #paramore
  • Team meeting was so so today, more of future plans, especially for next 2 years. (Yes, may trabaho pa naman pala ako) HAHAHA

Nina 😛✌️


Lazy and long weekend 

[Friday, April 28]

  • Still have work since ADB just comply to legal holidays so I goofed from work. I just searched on references for my revlit. 
  • I ordered 10 pcs of choco crinkles because long weekend lels. Pumila ako guys!
  • Uber-ed on the way home for only 377 pesos, not bad na diba? HAHAHA (Ortigas to Las Piñas)

[Saturday, April 29, 2017]

  • We were hooked to an old pinoy teleserye showing on Fox Filipino namely Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real because of the exciting yet cliche plot of having two wives. The show was top billed by Dingdong Dantes, Maricel Soriano and Lovi Poe. (so much lels) They showed a marathon kasi. HAHAHA
  • Watched Love in the Moonlight’s finale episode again with Tito Boy and Tita Nene because it was their favorite lol. 
  • I was supposed to start watching Goblin but I ended up sleeping at 9:30 PM. #lolamode 

[Sunday, April 30, 2017]

  • Ate Alyssa and I started watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. We also ate instant jajangmyun and kimchi. #koreaislife 
  • We had an awesome lunch prepared by Mom and Dad, sinigang na ribs and and fried espada and gg. 
  • Attended mass 👍

[Monday, May 1, 2017]

  • Fam bonding at Robinson’s Manila to spend time with Yari since she’s reviewing for boards.
  • Treated the family Tim Ho Wan for lunch
  • Bought a new top, comb, umbrella and the “famous” Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as recommended by Yari. 👌

Lazy AF, Nina 😛✌️


Good news, keep on coming

Catch up thursday! (Shempre imbento ko lang yan lels) So, here are the memorable things that happened since last week: 

  • David got accepted to GRIPS!! Proud and happy for him, he’s going to live in Japan for a while, kinda envious but atleast got a reason to visit Japan soon. I also promised Ate Ida (she’s studying in Waseda now) to come and visit her. 
  • Rai’s 23rd birthday celebration at Baler, Aurora, spent the weekend with Rai’s fam, Czari, Edmar and Abu: (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Shingeki No Kyojin, blueberry soju, Moana, dog sex by the beach, Dimples, Balete tree, Stick-O, caramel spread, sisig, flooded bathroom, Lynette’s adobo, Kuya Lando)
  • [Monday, April 24, 2017] Ate Denise announced to us that she’s engaged! Wedding’s at Boracay on December 16, 2017. 
  • [Tuesday, April 25, 2017] I met with Tina, Ate Danica, Jill and Jed. Talked about PIDS and its shortcomings (wow hahaha). 
  • [Wednesday, April 26, 2017] I ate dinner with Tatum at Soban K-Town Grill and we gave each other life updates. She got accepted to the Public Policy Program of NUS. So proud and happy for her. I will definitely visit her late this year maybe. 

Nina 😛✌️


Freedom. Festival. Friend.

January 29, 2016|Friday|Freedom

It was a remarkable day for me because it was my first time traveling alone and out of the country-Singapore. I was really excited but at the same time nervous. The main agenda is to visit my dear (idol/crush) friend, Gem, attend Laneway Festival together, and explore SG for roughly 3 days.

So I arrived at around 10:30PM which was really late for Gem to pick me up or what because aside from her class, NUS is faraway from the airport, and so is her crib. Walking towards Immigration, I asked the officer until what time the train will be open and he said 11:30PM so I walked and walked, found the moneychanger for Ate Bevs’ USD cos she asked me to buy her ehd. Then after few minutes of roaming around, I decided to ask the information counter for the specific sky train I should ride. Good thing, the one I talked to was a good English speaker. At last, I found myself at Lavender station where the Green Kiwi Hostel can be found.

But, yeah I got lost, I can’t find the hostel. Then I met an old lady, she was kind enough to help me but also cool to smoke a cigarette while talking to me. However, she doesn’t know the landmarks I told her to get to the hostel so we went to guards who just pointed directions at me but still really vague. Luckily, I met a lady who I think is Pinay but just to be safe, I spoke English and asked for her help then while we were talking, she suddenly blurted out, “Pinay ka teh?” I was like, “oo ate, yehey!” Then she accompanied me to the hostel at 12:30am, so kind. Thank you so much Ate Elisa!

So when I got in the hostel, the receptionist was also Pinay. Yay, it feels just like home, somewhat.

January 30, 2016|Saturday|Laneway Festival

So Gem and I decided to meet first at Esplanade station to eat lunch then head to The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay for Laneway. We ate lunch at Tomo Izakaya, Japanese resto obviously. Yup, that’s Gem.


While on our way to The Meadow where we just walked, yeah we WALKED and we’re exhausted because Gem was not really a tourist guide, she’s also like me. She became a nerd na kasi. Jk. After school, she goes home to study that’s why she haven’t explored SG that much.


Nearing the venue, we stopped by for some picture-taking, yeah turista mode on!


The festival was sweaty and tiring but super fun. But Gem and I wished that it’s not just the two of us. IMG_7490IMG_7492IMG_7494IMG_7496IMG_7505IMG_7528IMG_7530

One of my fave parts, tatts c/o H&M plus the Laneway wristband!


For some reason, I don’t know why I can’t upload my videos here so I uploaded it on my Facebook. So you’ll see fan photos of the concert, so don’t expect them to be sharp. Lol.


The 1975: Matty was such a great singer live, plus he’s super hot and handsome! But his hair was really curly that day.


The night view of the festival! I think these were Beach House and Grimes.


This stuffed monkey was enjoying Laneway as well. HAHAHA!


Chvrches: As usual Lauren and Martin flawlessly sang live. They performed songs from these two albums, The Bones of What You Believe and Every Open Eye alternately. Always and forever fan of this band <3


Purity Ring: New-found fave band! She sounds just like Lauren, listen to Bodyache or Heartsigh. You’re welcome!

January 31, 2016| Sunday| Friend

This day was saved to explore Singapore with Gem but I ended up waking up at around past 10am, so we ended up just shopping at Bugis, eating chicken rice at Clementi, and shopping pasalubong, basically I just shopped and we ate.

Thank you so much, Gem! I will definitely be back because the trains are too awesome. HAHAHA.