Random fun things and successes 

[Saturday, May 20, 2017]

  • I finished Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine.
  • I marathoned The Return of Superman. I really love the kids, especially Haru. 

[Sunday, May 21, 2017]

  • I was still watching The Return of Superman but I realized that I should do something worthwhile during the weekends instead of being a couch potato. I should start with my watercolor postcard set. 
  • Yari’s 3rd day of board exam, fighting! 💪🇰🇷

[Monday, May 22, 2017]

  • New challenging task: balancing MRIO by rows, fighting! 💪🇰🇷
  • I got to talk to office crush during merienda because he approached me. Hehe. He was adorable. ☺️😛 (but he’s offlimits!!) 
  • I kinda urged my sisters to watch The Return of Superman, wanted to share how funny the kids are. Also, it’s Yari’s last day of board exam so she can now watch makeup tutorials again HAHA.

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