Proud econonerd moment

  • I did it! I got to perform the transformation model from supply-use tables (SUT) to input-output tables (IOT) through Brunei’s 2010 SUT. At first, I panicked on the array formulas and realized that they were just array names and theres this so called “name manager” in Excel. I also realized that you can do a lot in Excel and people fail to maximize its full potential. Do you know that you can do regressions? (Awow hahaha, yeah true, if youre interested, pls just explore it on your own HAHAHA) 
  • Raymond, Aika, and I tried to explore ADB and visited the 8th and 9th floor to check out the President’s office, and other higher ups, but we failed to do so since there are guards and we kinda felt ashamed so we just laughed it off and went down. 
  • Commuting here in PH really sucks. I am currently in line for UV express and I think I’ll be riding the 3rd van. It’s so freaking hot and tiring. Imagine doing this everyday, you will know what I mean. Gusto ko na mag-ofw, magturo ng English sa Korea, charot. Hahaha.

Nina 😛✌️


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