Keep up with the good news 

  • Yay! My contract with Joseph will be renewed and I will have an increase! 
  • I shopped some clothes today, quite a first in a long time. Been splurging on food few months ago.
  • I am quite sociable today: got to introduce Rhea to Resi for her question on web scraping, grabbed coffee with Arvin, and chatted and worked with Dianne
  • Gem got her visa! #ofwdiaries #charot 
  • I was frustrated with my parents especially my mom because of Yari’s passing-the-board party. Hope things will be well in the coming days. 

Nina 😛✌️


Little things, big impact 

  • I had Kimchi Katsudon for dinner from SM Megamall foodcourt and it was so tasty!! 9/10! 
  • Recently, I applied for a different consultancy post in ADB since my contract is expiring at the end of June. And now, the current status is “shortlisted.” Yaaas! But there isn’t any interview invite yet. 
  • Reunited again with Raymond and Aika for lunch. 
  • I got to finish 1 whole episode of ROS because I needed to stay until 8pm for the clock in/out. Lels hahaha.
  • Ann decided to have some #courage and do a big move. Fighting!! 💃

Nina 😛✌️


Good times, pls last

[May 26, 2017]

  • I had dinner with Gem at Ooma and we also shopped some skincare products at Nature Republic.
  • We saw Alyssa Gibbs and Janno Gibbs together with Alyssa’s bf. I was like, “uy si Neon Island!” HAHAHA

[May 27, 2017]

  • I introduced The Return of Superman to my sisters. They love Sarang! 

[May 28, 2017]

  • I’m such a bum. I catched up with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. 

[May 29, 2017]

  • I succeeded in buying essentials for my Ilo-Ilo trip this coming weekend.

Nina 😛✌️


See the good among the bads 

  • I had dinner with Jed at Agape and tried out tartine. 9/10! 👌
  • I realized the gravity of how tediousness in MRIO balancing. I need to recheck or even redo if necessary the previously done countries to compare growth rates. 😐💪
  • Good news and bad news: I was “being evaluated” in the consultancy I applied to just yesterday, also in ADB; I got a reply from one of my job prospects abroad and it was a reject. 
  • I bought 2 books from Book Sale today lels. 

Things got out of hand 

[Tuesday, May 23, 2017]

  • I had dinner with Ate Belle at Sarsa. It was my first time there, food are tasty! 
  • I made a mistake again and the alarming thing was I’m not distracted. I board the northbound train going home. Lels. 😂
  • I got to finish Norway and Poland for the MRIO balancing. I thought I could just complete 1. 
  • Spurs lost and Manu retires. It was a sweep by Dubs. 😒
  • #PrayforManchester #PrayforMarawi 

Random fun things and successes 

[Saturday, May 20, 2017]

  • I finished Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine.
  • I marathoned The Return of Superman. I really love the kids, especially Haru. 

[Sunday, May 21, 2017]

  • I was still watching The Return of Superman but I realized that I should do something worthwhile during the weekends instead of being a couch potato. I should start with my watercolor postcard set. 
  • Yari’s 3rd day of board exam, fighting! 💪🇰🇷

[Monday, May 22, 2017]

  • New challenging task: balancing MRIO by rows, fighting! 💪🇰🇷
  • I got to talk to office crush during merienda because he approached me. Hehe. He was adorable. ☺️😛 (but he’s offlimits!!) 
  • I kinda urged my sisters to watch The Return of Superman, wanted to share how funny the kids are. Also, it’s Yari’s last day of board exam so she can now watch makeup tutorials again HAHA.

No man is an island 

  • I got to bond with Ms. Joy because (as promised) I shared movies and series with her, as well as to Ms. Irene and Ms. Rhea. 
  • I realized that once I got motivated and focused, no matter what the topic is, I can surely do and finish it. This refers to the breaking off industries for input-output tables. Such a tedious task but it’s kinda boring. 
  • I had dinner with Neens at Salang resto again and we went to Jamba Juice right after, just like what happened last Monday. So much lels.